Digital Kungfu

The Lightning Strike™

Fast-to-market, hyper-focused and targeted at the right customers, Digital Kungfu’s proprietary Lightning Strike™ has been designed to generate maximum returns in the shortest period of time.

The problem

You need to increase your Net-New Customers

Identify and establish in-bound deal flow in the right industries and your dream customer organisations.

Build a sales-qualified pipeline

We specialize in the creation of sales qualified pipelines for technology companies. This is achieved by ensuring that relevant sales-qualified criteria are met.

Increase your
market penetration

Focus on accounts that have the highest propensity to buy based on their needs and challenges, and your solution.

The solution

Deploy the Lightning Strike™, which includes internal and external engagement strategies, meticulously crafted messaging, personalised digital assets and hyper- targeted content delivery, which will combine to generate qualified deal opportunities within your region. We guarantee speed to market and an agreed number of sales-qualified leads for your budget spend.

Our award-winning process

We determine your annual customer value to ensure we deliver ROI
We find a message that your customers care about
We create and deliver performance assets