Digital Kungfu

Rapid ABM™

Targeted marketing succeeds when you get the right messaging in front of the right audience – at speed. Our Rapid ABM™ solution let’s you speak directly to your dream clients.

The problem


You don’t have unlimited budgets

The days of ‘spray and pray’ marketing are over. You need to spend your marketing budget where it matters most – and where you’ll see the best results.
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You need to target enterprise-level customers

With multiple stakeholders all needing to approve deals, you need a solution that captures the attention of a number of key decision makers.

You can’t be
everything to everyone

That’s okay – this isn’t fishing with a net; it’s spearfishing, designed to only capture the attention of the key decision makers who need your solution.

The solution

Deploy the Rapid ABM™ programme, which includes internal and external engagement strategies, meticulously crafted messaging, personalised digital assets and hyper-targeted content delivery, which will combine to generate qualified deal opportunities within your region.

Our award-winning process

We co-create a target account list
We use our proprietary TechLeadBay software to establish each account’s context
We create and deliver performance assets