Digital Kungfu

We deliver sales
ready pipelines,
in days

We specialise in high velocity B2B lead generation, and accelerating enterprise account acquisition in the technology sector.

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Our Solutions

Choose from our proven solutions

Lightning Strike™

High velocity lead generation and vetting
geared to deliver 10:1 ROI.

Virtual Connections Suite™

Create the connections that count with virtual roundtables, virtual breakfasts and virtual conferences.

Rapid ABM™

Accelerate enterprise account acquisition for tech businesses.

CRM Zen™

Data decay is killing your pipeline. You aren’t mining your data properly.

Go-To-Market Suite™

You need to raise awareness and generate demand.

4 reasons to choose
Digital Kungfu


Top Talent

The technology sector is hard and fast. You need a marketing partner who understand what you do and the importance of getting your message to market ‘at the speed of tech.’



We live, breathe and only serve tech business. Our team includes
multi-media experts, audio-visual and editing experts, graphic designers, copyeditors, researchers and writers, social media experts and market analysts. We are everything you need under one roof.


Agile Solutions

We only need one 60-minute session to do our magic. We don’t take briefs – instead, we understand your business, your customers and your targets and we build a solution that will deliver what you need. We monitor and adjust according to market response.


Fixed Costs

We don’t sell time. We sell outputs. That means that your expectations will be exceeded with no financial surprises. Our favourite output is client ROI, and we are committed to delivering it.

Here's how we do it

Data acquisition

Data acquisition is the first step in our pipeline generation activities. We generate market-qualified leads and firmographic data but then what?

Data enrichment

This is where our Ninja masters come into play. We identify and develop score cards based specifically on the prospects you want to speak to: Who are they, what industries are they in, what are their challenges and how do you solve them?

We only deliver sales-qualified leads

Based on our score cards, we can:

  • Vet prospects and move them to sales qualified leads.

  • Benchmark them against our score cards.

  • Hand over sales qualified leads who are ready to talk to your sales team today.


Don't just take our word for it

Discover how we’ve helped our clients build sales-ready pipelines that deliver real ROI.

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