We’re your demand generation and pipeline acceleration partner

We specialise in high velocity B2B lead generation and pipeline accelerating account acquisitions in the technology sector.

Our Solutions

Choose from our proven solutions

Demand generation

Get a campaign up and running within five days, generate sales qualified pipeline and create market presence – today.

Pipeline acceleration

Exponentially grow your sales force and accelerate deal opportunities without the hassle and expense of hiring resources.

Network maximisation

Harness the power of LinkedIn and leverage your network to build your net worth.

4 reasons to choose Digital Kungfu


Top Talent

The technology sector is hard and fast. You need a lead generation partner who understands what you do and the importance of sales-qualified leads to accelerate adoption of your solution.



We live, breathe and only serve tech businesses. Our team includes pipeline generation and acceleration experts, data scientists, pre-sales qualification experts, content creation experts and digital marketing and media experts. We are everything you need under one roof.


Agile Solutions

We only need one 60-minute session to do our magic. Our Ninjas understand tech, so we take this time to understand the heart of your business and what your customers need, allowing us to build a solution that captures their attention and lands your sales team appointments. We then monitor and adjust according to market response.


Fixed Costs

We don’t sell time. We sell outputs. That means that your expectations will be exceeded with no financial surprises. Our favourite output is client ROI, and we are committed to delivering it.

Here's how we do it

We guarantee your pipeline

100% guaranteed data-enriched MQL pipeline with verified mobile, email and landline contact details aligned with your ideal target customers.

Data enrichment

We identify the prospects you want to speak to, including who they are, what industries they are in, your total addressable market per geolocation, what their challenges are and their intent to buy.

We only deliver sales-qualified leads

Based on our proprietary technology and sales qualification experts, we can:

• Pre-qualify sales leads to ensure they meet your criteria
• Benchmark them against other potential customers
• Hand over sales qualified leads who are ready to speak to your sales team today (with appointments booked)

We’re your sales execution partner

For a longer 3-month, 6-month or 12-month engagement, we will become your sales execution partner, leveraging enriched data to generate and close deal opportunities.

Find out more about the pipelines we’ve generated for our clients: