Digital Kungfu

Virtual Connections Suite™

Create the connections that count with virtual roundtables, virtual breakfasts and virtual conferences.

The problem


Events cancelled due
to Covid-19 pandemic

A set of innovative solutions addresses the need to help tech vendors and their channel partners connect to customers while social distancing and virtual working remains at the forefront of how we do business.


Rising costs and complexities of getting people together

Virtual meetings are enabling greater productivity, reducing travelling complexities and negating the need for traditional face-to-face events and the associated costs.


that count

It is critical for tech businesses to continue to engage and convert end-customers. With Covid-19 making it difficult to do this, Digital Kungfu enables tech vendors and partners a means to deploy virtual breakfasts, virtual round tables and virtual conferences in a matter of days.

The solution

Deploy the Virtual Connections Suite™, designed to help tech vendors and their channel partners connect, engage and secure great deal opportunities with the customers that count.

Our award-winning process

We determine your annual customer value to ensure we deliver ROI during and post the event

We find a message that your customers care about

We create and deliver performance assets and engaging event content