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Increase customer retention, decrease churn, and significantly increase profit margins.

Digital Kungfu - CRM Zen

The problem


Data decay is
killing your pipeline

In theory, CRM systems should improve pipeline management and deal flow, but in reality, they just end up gathering digital dust. This leads to old, irrelevant data that doesn’t benefit your business.


You aren’t mining
your data properly

The data tracking which clients are happy, unhappy, or perfect for an upsell or cross sell is sitting in your CRM system, but it’s gathering digital dust because no-one knows how to mine it properly.


Your existing
customers are your
best opportunities

Did you know that increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profits from between 25% and 95%? The challenge is knowing what your customers need and when they need it.

The solution

Digital Kungfu’s CRM Zen™ is a managed data service that mines your CRM for data and deal opportunity gold. With CRM Zen™, you will connect with warm leads, market to the right people and increase your deal opportunities, engage with customers who will refer you to other businesses, upsell, cross sell and grow your sales and profits.

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