A R14.7 million
sales qualified pipeline built for Seidor Africa
(SAP Platinum Partner)

Digital Kungfu - Seidor Africa Business One Case study

A R14.7 million sales qualified
pipeline built for Seidor Africa
(SAP Platinum Partner)

Over the course of four weeks, 123 posts were scheduled across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn resulting in over 1 000 sessions and driving traffic to seven purpose-built landing pages.

This, together with targeted sponsored posts across the same three platforms generated 141 market qualified leads, of which 38 converted into sales qualified leads, an industry-beating average of 27% and an over-delivery of the agreed-on scope of the campaign of 380%.

This equates to a Sales Qualified Pipeline valued at an estimated R14.7 million and a staggering projected ROI of 1 140% (at an industry average SQL conversion rate of 20%).

The results


Don't just take our word for it

The key to a successful lead-generation campaign is the content and messaging used. Digital Kungfu helped us create messaging that spoke directly to our key audience and the people we needed to reach. The team’s professionalism and quick turnaround time made working with them a breeze.

Elaine Havenga, Group Marketing Manager.

how we did it!

Solution: An Insight-Led Lead Generation Lightning Strike

Digital Kungfu’s Insight Led Lead Generation Lightning Strike™ addressed all of these challenges.
The process ran as follows: A 60-minute story sprint creating a customer centric narrative around Seidor Africa’s services formed the starting point. Once approved, Digital Kungfu’s creative Ninjas set to work on a white paper lead magnet, insight mining lead survey, branded photos and Google banners. A curated LinkedIn Lead Magnet and Google banner campaign saw this story taken to market on 23 October 2019.
Once leads started being generated, Digital Kungfu’s lead vetting service reviewed them against Seidor’s Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) criteria. A score is assigned to each lead who is then contacted and vetted further. Qualified SQLs are automatically sent to the client via email in real time and for immediate action. Operationally, lead vetters positioned themselves as ‘marketing partners calling on behalf of Seidor Africa’.

Lead vetting saves considerable time as it ensures that clients do not spend time calling the many tire- kickers who complete online forms. It also enables continuous improvement and optimisation of campaigns as it closes the feedback loop between lead generation and conversion (from MQL to SQL).