Accelerate your sales growth

Exponentially grow your sales force without the hassle and expense of hiring resources when you choose Digital Kungfu as your sales executional partner.


The problem

Replacing a sales rep costs a fortune

That’s right, between replacement costs, lost time in the field and the costs of acquisition and training, replacing sales reps can be a huge drain on businesses.

Average turnover of sales reps is 28%

That means that you’re losing 30% of your sales force on a regular basis. What is this costing your business in lost sales opportunities?

It takes 8 months to get a sales rep up to speed

Even if you manage to replace sales reps relatively quickly (and our research tells us this takes on average 6 to 8 months), it takes another 8 months before they’re onboarded and closing deals. That’s a full year without a return on investment.


Outsourced Pipeline Acceleration

Right size your sales force

Match your sales force to your total addressable market

Our engagement begins with our strategic advisory service, which enriches the data in your CRM system and helps you to identify the size of your market opportunity and how many market qualified leads you need to a chieve your sales targets.

Choose your sales specialists

Leverage top sales specialists to drive results

Our pay as you go model means that you can choose any volume of enriched data to meet your sales objectives, and then upsize or downsize your outsourced sales force to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Engage with your target market

Enter new markets and capitalise on localised sales opportunities

Our team of sales specialists have local language competencies in French, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English and more, enabling borderless sales for your technology brand in days.

The results

Maximise your sales conversion rate

Identify more market opportunities

Spin up a sales force quickly and with low-risk

Accelerate deal opportunities

Leave the hassle of hiring and training sales execs behind