We get you to market in five days

At the Dojo, we’re built for speed and results, which is
why our clients turn to us first when they need to generate
sales qualified leads at speed.


The problem

You need to increase your net-new customers

Identify and establish in-bound and out-bound deal flow in the right industries and your dream customer organisations.

Cost-per-lead is prohibitively expensive

Cost-per-lead is increasing by 200% every six months, making it harder and harder to achieve sales-qualified pipeline to spend ROI.

You need to increase market exposure

Without a direct, data-driven approach,it’s difficult to speak to the right target audience while they’re in the market to buy.


Lightning Strike Direct™

Data enrichment

Generate a firmographic market qualified lead (MQL) pipeline

You supply us with the firmographic profiles of your ideal customers and we’ll enrich your MQL pipeline with each stakeholder’s seniority, verified email addresses and landline and mobile numbers. Whether you need 10 leads or 10 000, we can do it all.

Outbound engagement

Generate sales qualified leads

Our sales prequalification specialists leverage your data-enriched MQL pipeline and deliver sales qualified leads at speed. We agree on the number of sales-qualified leads for your budget spend before the campaign launches.

Traffic generation

Raise awareness and drive traffic to your website

We purchase ads that are designed to maximise your market presence, generate inbound leads and amplify the reach of co-funded campaigns for proof of execution reports.

The results

Increase your net new customers, enjoy proven return on investment in marketing to pipeline spend, and increase your lead quality for more close deals and higher revenue generation.