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With return on investment ratios averaging between 30:1 and 12:1 Digital Kungfu delivers pipeline from Cape Town to Cairo and beyond for Microsoft, its distribution network and partner ecosystem.
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On average, cost-per-lead is increasing by 200% every six months, which means you aren’t seeing an ROI on your sales and marketing spend. It’s becoming more and more expensive to reach sales-qualified customers.

We go direct to the source – to the sales-qualified leads that are in the market to buy from you now.

Isn’t it time to stop spending money on expensive marketing campaigns that generate poor-quality leads, and time to start spending your money where you’re most likely to see measurable results?

Why Microsoft choose Digital Kungfu

A message from Digital Kungfu’s Chief Excitement Officer (CEO)
An average of 30:1 spend to market qualified pipeline return.

An average of 12:1 spend to sales qualified pipeline return.

Over 2.5 million online campaign engagements every month across Africa and the Middle East and has recently expanded into the UK.

Data Science

TechLeadBay - Rocket fuel for pipeline generation

TechLeadBay is a proprietary demand engine that uses data science, behavioural intelligence and marketing automation to generate sales qualified pipeline quickly and at scale.

Digital Kungfu - TechLeadBay Data Studio

Find out more about the results
we’ve generated for Microsoft, distributors and partners

A 9:1 return on marketing investment delivered in 4 weeks​

A pipeline value
of $1 million delivered
in three weeks

A 10:1 Spend
to Pipeline ROI achieved

300 market-qualified leads for Microsoft delivered in 30 days

760% over
target delivered for Microsoft in 72 hours

A R1.4 million
pipeline delivered

200% more
leads delivered
than targeted

A 9:1 Spend
to Pipeline ROI achieved in Ghana

A 27:1 ROI for
Liquid Telecom
in Kenya

We’re expanding to the UK

We combine the power of story, technology, data science and marketing automation to deliver real results, fast.

Digital Kungfu expands into the UK

Our Solutions

Choose from our proven solutions

Lightning Strike™

High velocity lead generation and vetting
geared to deliver 10:1 ROI.

Virtual Connections Suite™

Create the connections that count with virtual roundtables, virtual breakfasts and virtual conferences.

Rapid ABM™

Accelerate enterprise account acquisition for tech businesses.

CRM Zen™

Data decay is killing your pipeline. You aren’t mining your data properly.

Go-To-Market Suite™

You need to raise awareness and generate demand.

Leads Royale