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27:1 Return on Investment delivered for Liquid Telecom in Kenya

The Liquid Telecom Virtual Workplace campaign for Kenya
performed the initial target set, which is even more impressive given the extremely quick turnaround time required by both Liquid Telecom and Microsoft.

The campaign needed to achieve 25 Sales Qualified Leads. The creative assets created by Digital Kungfu’s production team generated 286 Market Qualified Leads.

Digital Kungfu’s Lead Vetting team delivered 69 SQLs, more than doubling the target of 25 sales-ready leads.

The results


Don't just take our word for it

Digital Kungfu’s team always delivers on their promises. We’ve found that any campaigns we run through them always outperform expectations and deliver the sales-qualified leads that we are looking for. This is critical to our ability to close deals and meet our revenue targets

Claudia Ferro,
Group Cloud Product Marketing Manager
Liquid Telecom

how we did it!

The Solution: A sales-ready pipeline generator

Enter the Lightning Strike, Digital Kungfu’s rapid sales-ready pipeline generator that produces marketing collateral designed specifically to engage the right target audience and then captures and vets leads to ensure only sales-qualified leads are delivered to clients, radically increasing the chances of closing deals quickly and effectively.

Digital Kungfu works exclusively with technology businesses, which makes the team fast and agile. In the technology space, speed is critical.

Brands need to communicate with their audiences quickly and effectively, which is why Digital Kungfu follows an agile methodology.

The team was able to get Liquid Telecom’s campaign up and running within 24 hours, and then it’s digital experts monitored and optimised the campaign in real-time, allocating budget only to the collateral that performed best and reached the right target audience.

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