Altron Karabina achieved a 10:1 spend to pipeline ROI

Digital Kungfu - Altron Karabina Case Study

Digital Kungfu drives awareness for Altron Karabina and achieves a 10:1 spend to pipeline ROI.

The Altron Karabina MS Disaster Recovery as a Service campaign achieved 565 Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Digital Kungfu’s lead vetting team converted 47 leads into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), which are customers who are in the market to buy now.

Based on market accepted deal closure rates, this is the equivalent of 14 deal opportunities, or a 10:1 Spend to Pipeline Return on Investment for Altron Karabina.

Educating their target audience was one of Altron Karabina’s biggest objectives, however. SMEs that have not typically chosen sophisticated technology solutions were educated around the importance, security and affordability of Azure solutions delivered by Altron Karabina.

The results


Don't just take our word for it

Digital Kungfu helped us to build a narrative that really resonated with small and mid-sized businesses. This is a sector that could benefit hugely from Azure and Disaster Recovery as a Service, but they don’t know enough about the cloud. This campaign has laid excellent foundations that we can continue to build on.

Samantha Durkin, Marketing Lead.

how we did it!

The Solution: Building awareness and educating the market

Altron Karabina’s marketing team approached Digital Kungfu with two key goals: Educating the market around Microsoft’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution and helping South African businesses to begin their migration to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery as a Service is an excellent way to begin this journey as it is risk free, adds huge value to any business who needs to be able to remain operational at all times, and shows business leadership teams how the cloud works without requiring the entire business to migrate all of its data, systems and platforms to the cloud.

Digital Kungfu’s process begins with a focused 60-minute story sprint that unpacks exactly who the campaign needs to reach, what challenges they are facing, and the messaging that will be most relevant to them.

Based on these insights, messaging was constructed around these specific questions to educate audiences and drive engagement: How valuable is your data? Can your business afford downtime? How quickly does your business need to be back online after a disaster?

Following on from these critical questions, Microsoft Azure Data Recovery was introduced to target SME audiences.

‘Performance assets’ were designed and placed on social media platforms to attract the attention of Altron Karabina’s target audience. The campaign was managed end-to-end by Digital Kungfu’s digital team, who tracked engagement and re-allocated media spend to the assets that had the biggest impact.

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