280% of Sales Qualified Leads target achieved
for Liquid Telecom

Digital Kungfu - Liquid Telecom SD WAN Case Study

280% of Sales Qualified Leads
target achieved for Liquid Telecom

The Liquid Telecom SD-WAN campaign performed well above the initial target set.

The campaign needed to achieve 20 Sales Qualified Leads. The creative assets created by Digital Kungfu’s production team generated 240 Market Qualified Leads. Digital Kungfu’s Lead Vetting team then disqualified 184 leads, delivering 56 Sales Qualified Leads, a 280% achievement of target.

The result? Liquid Telecom received a projected SQL pipeline of R5,7 million based on average deal size, with projected revenues topping more than R400 000 based on industry- standard conversion rates.

The results


Don't just take our word for it

Working with Digital Kungfu has helped us build our sales pipeline and deliver qualified leads to our sales team. We’re operating in a very competitive market, and so speaking to customers who are already interested in our solutions ensures a higher win-rate for us. The speed, turnaround time and continuous optimisation of our campaigns ensures that we will continue to work with Digital Kungfu’s team in the future.

Lebohang Mabaso, Segment Marketing Specialist.

how we did it!

Solution: Lead generation and awareness

Enter Digital Kungfu and the Lightning Strike™, a proprietary lead-generation campaign that uses data enrichment to ensure that an agreed-upon number of sales-qualified leads are delivered fast and effectively.
Digital Kungfu’s process to help clients build sales-ready pipelines begins with a focused 60-minute story sprint that unpacks exactly who the campaign needs to reach, what challenges they are facing, and the messaging that will be most relevant to them.
Based on these insights, a lead generation campaign is crafted. In this case, it was determined that the benefits of SD-WAN needed to be highlighted, while also addressing the security concerns that many South African businesses still feel with regards to the cloud. Liquid Telecom’s specific differentiators were also highlighted, including the power of their network. Liquid Telecom’s SD-WAN solution is integrated into its core network. All other providers only connect to the overlay.

They don’t touch the service provider’s core, and so they don’t have visibility or control over what’s happening on that core – there’s no view of what’s happening on their broadband line and no view of faults. Liquid Telecom’s solution is different, and it was critical that this be shared with the target audience. The campaign was launched with branded assets that were run on LinkedIn and Facebook, generating interest to download a white paper unpacking the key benefits of SD-WAN for growing organisations.
Digital Kungfu’s lead generation team managed the campaign end-to-end, researching keywords and the target audience, and testing the campaign each step of the way to optimise results. Most importantly from a campaign optimisation perspective, budget was allocated on collateral that performed best and reached the right target audience.