400% more leads delivered, helped Liquid Telecom extend its Broadband offering

Digital Kungfu - Liquid Telecom Broadband Case Study

By delivering 400% more leads than targeted, Digital Kungfu helped Liquid Telecom extend its Broadband service offering into the South African business market. growth.

The Liquid Telecom Broadband campaign performed well above the initial target set. The campaign needed to achieve 20 Sales Qualified Leads.

The creative assets created by Digital Kungfu’s production team generated 236 Market Qualified Leads. Digital Kungfu’s Lead Vetting team then disqualified 153 leads, delivering 83 Sales Qualified Leads, a 415% achievement of target.

The result? Liquid Telecom received a projected SQL pipeline of R2 million based on average deal size, with projected revenues reaching almost R600 000 based on industry standard conversion rates.

The results


Don't just take our word for it

We work extremely well with Digital Kungfu. The team understands our business and our core messaging, and is able to translate this into performance assets that generate the right interest, converting marketing leads into a sales-qualified pipeline.

Avesh Subbiah, Product Manager.

how we did it!

Solution: Lead generation and awareness

Digital Kungfu’s proprietary Lightning Strike™ campaign was designed to meet the specific needs of technology businesses. Digital Kungfu’s production team aims to get the campaign up and running within days and a specialised lead vetting team ensures that a sales-ready pipeline is delivered for sales executives to close.

Digital Kungfu’s process begins with a focused 60-minute story sprint that unpacks exactly who the campaign needs to reach, what challenges they are facing, and the messaging that will be most relevant to them.

In the case of broadband, there is often a single point of failure that can seriously disrupt business operations. For example, when an undersea cable is cut, everyone operating through that cable loses connectivity.

Consider the impact this has on businesses that cannot operate without the Internet – emails go down, applications cannot be accessed and data is irretrievable. This can be devastating at the best of times, but as the world moves into a new, virtual way of working, connectivity and maintaining 99.9% uptime becomes more essential than ever.
Once Digital Kungfu’s production team understood the core messaging that needed to come across, branded assets were written, designed and placed on LinkedIn and Facebook. Engagement was closely monitored and optimised, with budget allocated only to the collateral that performed best and reached the right target audience.