Sales ready pipeline delivered for your business, in days.

Demand generation and pipeline acceleration powered by the Lightning Strike™


The problem

You need to increase your net-new customers

Identify and establish in-bound and out-bound deal flow in the right industries and your dream customer organisations.

Cost-per-lead is prohibitively expensive

Cost-per-lead is increasing by 200% every six months, making it harder and harder to achieve sales-qualified pipeline to spend ROI.

You need to increase market exposure

Without a direct, data-driven approach,it’s difficult to speak to the right target audience while they’re in the market to buy.


Lightning Strike™

Step 1 - Build

We design the blue print for your go-to-market execution, develop a compelling 
story that will resonate with end-customers, produce scroll-stopping digital content and assets, and build the go-to-market campaign and a host of bolt-on content to really amplify your story.    

Step 2 - Engage

With your go-to-market plan in hand we deploy our Lightning Strike campaign to your desired end-customer and start engaging with your target customers and generate pipeline in a matter of days for your business. 

Step 3 - Accelerate

We purchase ads that are designed to maximise your market presence, generate inbound leads and amplify the reach of co-funded campaigns for proof of execution reports.

The results

Increase your net new customers

Proven return on investment in marketing to pipeline spend

Drastically increase lead quality

Close more deals

Generate more revenue