The Lightning Strike Direct™

Fast-to-market, hyper-focused and targeted at the right customers, Digital Kungfu’s proprietary Lightning Strike Direct™ has been designed to generate maximum returns in the shortest period of time.


The problem

You need to engage with key decision makers

and access the contact information of specific decision makers within key accounts

You want a direct-to-decision maker engagement

through outbound telesales and qualifying for product fit, buying urgency and intent.

You need sales qualified leads (SQL's)

and effective outsourced pipeline management and appointment setting


Lightning Strike Direct™

Step 1 - Data Enrichment

Applying our Channel Intelligence™ engine, TechLeadBay, to either an aged list of accounts from your CRM, or to firmographic and demographic profiles


Step 2 - Outbound Engagement

We mine the enriched contact pipelines / stakeholder maps for Sales Qualified Leads and market insights through direct Outbound Engagement (‘Call Downs’)

Step 3 - Traffic Generation

We deploy Digital Kungfu’s marketing expertise to generate inbound traffic and awareness through a lean digital marketing campaign comprising sponsored assets.

The results

Actionable stakeholder map of enriched contacts from key accounts
Target market / account profiling and enrichment
Actionable dataset curation through TechLeadBay’s proprietary Channel Intelligence™
Direct outbound telesales/pre-sales engagement by skilled agents
Inbound traffic through Digital Marketing activities
Proof of Execution (POE) compliance
Appointments and Sales Qualified Pipeline