Maximise connections that count

Harness the power of LinkedIn and leverage your network to build your net worth.


The problem

LinkedIn acceptance rates are low

On average, LinkedIn connection requests receive a 30% to 40% acceptance rate, limiting the decision makers you can engage with.

Engaging with connections is tough

Engagement rates are between 10% and 20%, meaning 8 out of 10 people ignore personalised messages.

The human to human factor is growing

More and more, B2B sales have become H2H or human to human sales. People want to do business with individuals and companies they know and trust.


Find your target market

Engage with key stakeholders

Automated LinkedIn requests ensure you reach the maximum potential connections per day based on target stakeholders.

Grow your network

Boost connections on LinkedIn

Hyper-personalised introduction messages increase connection acceptances to over 50%.

Maximise sales meetings

Secure more sales meetings

Personalised and targeted video messages capture attention and encourage acceptance of meeting requests.

The results

Identify key target accounts on LinkedIn

Focus on high-value stakeholders

Successfully engage with potential customers

Build your LinkedIn network

Achieve more weekly sales meetings for greater deal opportunities