A R6.2 million
sales-ready pipeline created for IBM Power9

Digital Kungfu - IBM Case Study

A R6.2 million sales-ready
pipeline created for IBM Power9

The IBM Power9 campaign performed well above the initial target set.

Over the period of four weeks, 12 social media posts were scheduled generating 35 350 impressions in total, which drove traffic to the landing page. The set target for Sales Qualified Leads was 15 to 20 and saw the conversions peaking over by 40%.

The result? 42 Market Qualified Leads from which 25 Sales Qualified Leads were generated, equating to an industry-beating conversion rate of 59.52%.

The results


Don't just take our word for it

Accessing C-Suite decision makers at enterprise and corporate level can be a real challenge. Digital Kungfu developed a targeted lead generation campaign with content that spoke directly to our audience. This generated sales-qualified leads a sales-ready pipeline, which was exactly what we were looking for. Speaking to decision makers who are already interested in your solution goes a long way towards closing significant deals.

Bronwen Jacobs, Marketing Executive:
First Distribution, Epsidon Technology Holdings.

how we did it!

Solution: Lightning Strike Campaign

First Distribution, an IBM partner in South Africa for 25 years, approached Digital Kungfu to launch and manage a campaign to drive awareness around IBM Power9 and nurture C-Suite leads.
The process was as follows: A 60-minute story sprint with First Distribution, IBM’s team and Digital Kungfu’s content ninjas uncovered who the target audience was and the unique challenges they face.
It was determined that in-action case studies highlighting how the Power9 performed across various industries to support enterprise growth would be the most powerful way to capture C-Suite attention. The campaign was launched on the 20th of November and ran for four weeks. It included social media posts and schedules, 23 branded photos, one article and one lead magnet to educate the market, a video brand ad, an insight mining lead score survey, and a landing page designed specifically for the campaign.

Digital Kungfu’s lead generation team managed the campaign end-to-end, researching keywords and the target audience, and testing the campaign each step of the way to optimise results.