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On average, cost-per-lead is increasing by 200% every six months, which means you aren’t seeing an ROI on your sales and marketing spend. It’s becoming more and more expensive to reach sales-qualified customers.

We go direct to the source – to the sales-qualified leads that are in the market to buy from you now.

Isn’t it time to stop spending money on expensive marketing campaigns that generate poor-quality leads, and time to start spending your money where you’re most likely to see measurable results?

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We’re expanding to the UK

We combine the power of story, technology, data science and marketing automation to deliver real results, fast.

Why customers
choose Digital Kungfu

We’re not a normal lead generation business.

Digital Kungfu secret sauce is the combination of the power of story, data science, behavioural intelligence and marketing automation.

We understand that you don’t need leads
– you need revenue.

We deliver
on our promises

Because we use data science to solve your lead generation challenges.

We enrich your data

Data acquisition isn’t enough.
You need to enrich that data and
then move prospects through a
series of engagements using behavioural intelligence.

We help you
say goodbye to
bad leads

If our data says they won’t
buy, then they are not a
sales-qualified deal opportunity.

We track who’s
ready to buy

Traditional lead generation
only relies on firmographic data
– Who cares? We want to know:
Is this prospect ready to buy?

We deliver
sales-qualified leads

These are pre-qualified at a
sales level, and then we add our behavioural intelligence layer to make sure they want to speak to
you now.

Our Solutions

Choose from our proven solutions

Lightning Strike Direct™

High velocity lead generation and sales qualification
geared to deliver 10:1 ROI.

Go-To-Market Suite™

You need to raise awareness and generate demand.

Rapid ABM™

Accelerate enterprise account acquisition for tech businesses.


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