The Cold-Call Hackathon. Sales made fun.

Our Sales Operating Framework (SOF) is proven to deliver real results, fast.

A high-energy sales intervention to help you and your sales team sell more, fast.

Step 1 - Assess

Assess individual sales team members using a personalized assessment
  • Online assessment tool

  • Personalised sales assessment report

  • Individual sales team report review

  • Strategic sales recommendations

Step 2 - Train

Train sales team on Digital Kungfu’s Sales Operating Framework (SOM)
  • Provide training assets

  • Introduce SELLER framework

  • Sales team role play

  • Cold-call script development

Step 3 - Engage

Engage prospects and generate sales opportunities.
  • licenses

  • Access to 450M prospects and 14M companies with FindmyProspect

  • Data enrichment and call list (25 contact numbers per sales person)

  • Individual sales call coaching

Sales don’t just happen. But with us they do. Fast.