Digital Kungfu

The Lightning Strike delivers sales-ready pipeline of R1.4 million for AVeS Cyber Security (Microsoft Gold Partner).

Digital Kungfu drives awareness for Altron Karabina and achieves a 10:1 spend to pipeline ROI.

This campaign performed well,surpassing the initial Market Qualified Lead target of 400 to be reached by the end of the final phase of the campaign.

Over the course of the campaign, Digital Kungfu created 11 performance assets deployed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Generating 2 140 151 impressions in total, which drove traffic to the landing page. The set target was for 50 Sales Qualified Leads and saw the conversions exceed their targets.

The result?

452 Market Qualified Leads from which 72 verified Sales Qualified Leads were generated, equating to an industry-beating 144% of targeted SQLs achieved, delivering a R1.4 million salesready pipeline for AVeS Cyber Security.

The results


Don't just take our word for it

“In a technology-driven digital marketing environment, we constantly need to adapt our approach and adopt new ways of reaching key stakeholders. The possibility to think outside of the box with the Digital Kungfu team was a key component in delivering success on this campaign.”

Chani Slabbert, Brand Manager

how we did it!

Solution: Leveraging the power of agile data led marketing technology.

AVeS Cyber Security approached Digital Kungfu to launch and manage a campaign to drive awareness with an insight-led Lead Generation Lightning Strike with a unique look and feel that generates attention and leads in the market.

A 60-minute story sprint, creating a customer centric narrative around AVeS Cyber Security, formed the starting point. Once client approval was obtained, Digital Kungfu’s creative Ninjas set to work on a white paper lead magnet, a landing page, insight mining lead survey, branded photos, and Google banners.

Digital Kungfu’s lead generation team managed the campaign end-to-end. Once the leads began to generate, the lead vetting (sales pre-qualification) service provided by Digital Kungfu reviewed them against AVeS Cyber Security’s lead vetting criteria to ensure that only quality Sales Qualified Leads were delivered.

Leads Royale