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Digital Kungfu achieves 2.5 million online campaign engagements for technology clients

In a world flooded with online messaging, Digital Kungfu is cutting through the clutter to drive awareness and engagement for technology brands.

Buyers today have more power than they’ve ever had before. They are able to research brands, compare options and make decisions before your sales executive has even made first contact.

The challenge is that you need your brand to be one of those options that they’re researching. According to DemandGen’s 2017 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report, B2B customers progress more than 70% of the way through the decision-making process before ever engaging a sales exec.

Which means that if you’re only focusing on what happens in that last stretch, you’ll miss the first 70% and you won’t have a sales-ready pipeline for your sales executives to work with.

Cutting through the clutter

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a B2B buyer needs to interact with a brand seven times before they take action. Traditionally, this included billboard advertising, TV and radio adverts, and of course, cold calling and sales meetings.

Today, most of that interaction is happening online. “In many ways, you’d think that technology has made selling easier – there are so many ways to reach buyers today,” says Matt Brown, CEO of Digital Kungfu, a storytelling production house that specialises in building sales ready pipelines for technology businesses.

“The reality is that most people see between 4 000 and 10 000 adverts per day, which means you have greater access to people’s attention through their laptops, computer screens and mobile devices, but you’re also competing for their attention at an unprecedented scale.”

“Google’s advertising revenue in 2019 was $134 billion. Facebook’s advertising revenue in the same year was $69 billion. How do brands stand out in that clutter?”

Enriching data reaches the right audiences

Digital Kungfu has created a proprietary system to solve this issue for technology brands, focusing on driving awareness and engagement.

“We understand the technology brands we work with, their value propositions and the challenges that their customers are facing,” says Brown. “Without the right messaging, we cannot build awareness or expect people to engage with the creative assets that we’re seeding into the market. We’re all exposed to thousands of ads per day, so if a message isn’t one hundred percent tailored to a real need or challenge we’re facing, we’ll just filter it out.

“Great messaging is meaningless unless people see it though, which is where our algorithms come in. We’re essentially a data company. We use data and algorithms to ensure that the right people are seeing the media we place in the market. This has resulted un us reaching a cumulative 14.3 million technology decision makers.”

In the news

Digital Kungfu - Expands into the UK

After generating sales qualified leads in excess of £12 million in under 12 months for its clients in Africa, Digital Kungfu is launching in the UK.

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That reach secured 2.54 million individual campaign interactions (including likes, comments, shares, saves, and clicks), which is an average of 208 000 individual engagements per month across all client campaigns.

These results have equated to a strong return on investment for Digital Kungfu’s clients, and sales ready pipelines that sales executives can leverage when they connect with B2B buyers who, thanks to digital Kungfu, have already engaged with the brand online.

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